Current areas of specialty include
(but are not limited to):

Managed IT Services

We are your IT team and all of the services listed here may be included in this offering depending on your needs.

Database Administration and Design

We are currently focused on SQL Server and are also available for contract and/or project opportunities.


If you are having a problem assigning a network address to your equipment, this service will help make this automatic.

Active Directory Services

Tired of having different accounts for each computer on your network. Let us implement and/or maintain this service for your needs to get rid of that pain.


If your organization is currently using IP addresses to connect to network resources, we can make that headache disappear.


Without this, your equipment would not communicate with each other. We can ensure this is setup properly based on your needs.

System Administration

This allows proper patch maintenance and system upkeep to help with keeping your business running. This also includes local backups and remote backups.

System Security

These days, this is one of the most important parts of IT. This service keeps only those you authorize on your network and protects from intrusion.

Web Design

All of our clients will get a web site and if you already have a site, we will help keep it up with the current changes and trends.

Web Hosting

We can host your site and like web design, all of our clients get this service with their services plan.


Sometimes you have expensive equipment that is under utilized. This will allow that equipment to get used more to get a better return on the investment. If you already are using virtualization, we will maintain this also as part of our services package.

VoIP Services

Your phone bill may be higher than it needs to be so VoIP is one way to lower the bill. We will work with you to minimize the bill and keep the service running for you.


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Managed Services

If you do not understand your computer systems or your organization has computer maintenance needs, contact us and we'll schedule a free consultation to offload the computer headaches from you.

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Database Administration

Need some assistance with a database or database maintenance? We can help with that and anything else related to databases.

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Not sure how this could help you? Let us explain the benefits of virtualization and be sure you are using your hardware properly.

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