What are IT Services?

Sometimes it is hard to describe what IT Services are. To many, IT Services simply are the typical break/fix scenario like when a computer has a virus that needs removal but IT Services includes much more than this. Here are just a few of the many things that IT Services include:
  • Computer/Server Maintenance
  • Application Programming
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Database Programming, Administration, and Design
  • System Administration and Design
  • Network Administration and Design
  • Upgrading and/or Integrating Computer Components (to network, computer, etc.)
  • Printer Setup
  • Software/System Backups
  • Computer/Server Security
  • Phone Systems (VoIP, PBX, IP-PBX, etc.)

Many of these tasks can get placed into a few different categories, each with many subcategories. At a basic level, the categories can easily get split into creative and maintenance categories as follows:

Creative Maintenance
Application Programming System Security
Website Design Web Hosting
Database Programming Database Administration
Database Design Software Backups

All of these are examples of tasks that IT Services can provide and how they can get categorized. This is not an exhaustive list but this was designed to help answer the question, "What are IT Services?"

Managed Services

If you do not understand your computer systems or your organization has computer maintenance needs, contact us and we'll schedule a free consultation to offload the computer headaches from you.

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Database Administration

Need some assistance with a database or database maintenance? We can help with that and anything else related to databases.

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Not sure how this could help you? Let us explain the benefits of virtualization and be sure you are using your hardware properly.

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