This page is where we have put our most frequently asked questions and will change often as we begin to get more of the same type of questions. We have separated the questions into the following categories:

General Questions

MSP is an acronym for Managed Service Provider. A MSP is a service provider that provides computer-related services with a periodic fee to clients.
IT is an acronym for Information Technology. IT generally covers computer hardware such as routers, servers, workstations, monitors, laptops, and printers along with the software that allows those items to work like they do. Among other things IT can be responsible for include telephone systems, websites, programming, database administration, and internet service.
Our motto is, "Providing Quality IT Services to You!" and in order to do this, there are a few criteria we have to meet. First, we have to be honest. Second, we have to know what we are doing. Third, we believe in long-lasting relationships so we want to keep our clients happy. While many in the industry can do the same type of service, no one can do IT like Hernandez IT Services, Inc. can do IT. If you are not a client yet, contact us to schedule a free consultation.
VoIP is an acronym for Voice over IP, of which IP means Internet Protocol. Put simply, VoIP is a way to route voice across the Internet instead of the old telephone network. Because the Internet is used to route calls, the rates usually are much cheaper than traditional telephone service and typically long distance is included at no extra charge. There may be extra fees to call out of the country depending on the VoIP provider.

Company Questions

We opened for business in 2013.
When we first opened for business in 2013, we were a sole proprietorship but have been incorporated since January 2014.
We are certified as a Minority Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.

Service Questions

In general terms, a MSP provides computer-related services however each MSP is unique and may offer different services. For example, Hernandez IT Services, Inc. provides the standard network/computer monitoring with our MSP package and that also includes general IT services such as patching, web hosting, web design, business phone maintenance, server security, offsite backups, and much more.
Sometimes, trying to fix a problem when it occurs (we call this a break/fix service) can be too late. For example, trying to recover data when there is no backup means that the data will not get recovered and this could be potentially devastating to your business. With the MSP package, we make sure to put in place all the necessary things to prevent and/or recover from disaster. With this service, you can rest assured your issues will be minimized and prevented when possible. Things do break and when they do we will be ready to resolve that as quickly as possible.
It takes a lot of knowledge to properly prevent computer issues and provide the excellent maintenance and other services that come with the package that we are able to give our clients. However, if you compare our rates to the cost it would take to hire an IT person on staff, you will see that we come out as the most cost effective solution. We can maintain your equipment for less than the price of full-time equivalent employees. Also, we are integrating with your business as your IT department (or supplemental IT support) and your success equals our success so we want to provide the best possible service we can offer.

Billing Questions

We typically send out an invoice about a week before it is due via email.

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